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Every night when I try to go to sleep... I think of a fun time… Conrad doing his funny little happy dance when he ate something good… or his little evil smile when he thought he pulled the wool over your eyes... how his hair shined in the sun, or how his fingers moved so quickly playing his guitar cords! I can see him now... shirttails and hair flying as he walked quickly towards me in that little bouncy walk of his. I miss him...

Conrad's cooking... his steaks were awesome. When he first started to learn how to cook he would sometimes OVER cook the steaks... but, according to Conrad... they're weren't burned.... they were STAINED!!!! In the beginning, we ate a Lot of STAINED steaks :)

Yes... Conrad knows what's going on. Watch for the signs... you'll be thinking of him, and his favorite music will come on the radio, or for me, it's finding pennies in the weirdest places. Conrad would pick up pennies no matter what side was up. He would say " If God didn’t want ME to have this penny, he wouldn’t have shown it to me. IT'S MINE!" I'll be thinking of him, or just talking to him in my head... and a penny will show up! How cool is that?

Lately, all these memories of Conrad have been flashing in my mind. Riding in the car with him, he would say something smart-ass, I would reach over without even looking and slap his belly! His bottom lip would come out and then he would chuckle, that evil little chuckle that told me, he KNEW he was going to get smacked!

My other flash back is Conrad coming home from COD, he would come in the back door, toss his black bag in this room real quick, then walk into our room to kiss us "Hello" and tell us about his day. I really miss his little tight lip pecks.


Conrad and I used to watch The Price Is Right with Bob Barker every morning in the summer and when he was home from school... Conrad was a big fan and was pretty good a guessing the prices... we were always making fun of the people... and everything we might have been doing stopped so we could watch that show... I mean Conrad arranged his mornings around that 10 o'clock hour... One morning his mother called, Conrad answered, and she asked him what he was doing... "I'm Bobbin' with Leighton!", he said. Shit, that sounded real good... he told her it was The Price Is Right and she busted up laughing... worst yet, she had to tell everybody she saw that we went bobbin' together everyday...

Conrad hated bugs. When he was about 12 years old I caught a cricket and held it behind my back. I told Conrad that I had a surprise for him and told him to hold out his hand... he refused, laughed and ran... he knew me all too well. So I chased after him and got him on the floor. I told him to open his hand; he wouldn't... so I tried prying his hand open with my free hand (I had the cricket in the other)... but I couldn't get that 12 year old hand open to save my life... even with him laughing and thrashing he never let go of that fist his hand was in. Damn... I never did get him with a cricket.

When Conrad was little he used to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan… and so for his 6th birthday I got him the TMNT blimp. I helped him to blow it up and put it together. Over the years we would marvel that it never deflated. I mean it still has the original air in it. Conrad loved that blimp. He always had it hanging in his room somewhere. It still hangs there today where he put it, over his bed. I also got him a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday card to go with the blimp. He framed that card and always had it hanging on his wall. It’s still there, too, over his bed.

Sam Applebaum:

Many years ago, when I was just learning to play the guitar, and alternately, when I first met Conrad (coincidence that Conrad = Guitar... I think not) I had never paid that much attention to Ozzy Osbourne. Well, things changed, obviously, and as it turned out, Conrad ended up teaching me how to play Crazy Train, to which I am thankful. And well, every time, without fail, I listen to that opening riff I think of him. And well, before I would be very sad that this song would bring back memories of him but now I am so grateful that it will be a constant link to him. So yeah, and he didn't exactly teach me the correct tab, but it was damn close.

Jennifer Bott:

This past New Year's Eve we hung out in our hood and hopped around from house to house partying with our friends. There was several times in the evening that I thought of Conrad, Pinkie and Leighton. Me and my very close friend that lives right across the street clanked our glasses together in memory of Conrad several times throughout the evening. A couple of years ago when I took Josh to Conrad's house for their yearly bash on New Year's Eve I was invited in and greeted by Conrad. He just instantly makes you feel welcome and at home. Then the same feeling came from Pinkie and Leighton when I hung out with them in the backyard. I got an awesome artichoke dip recipe from Pinkie before I left there and have been making it ever since on special occasions. I made it this New Year's Eve to share with my friends and it was just a reminder of what a great family Conrad has. Always keep celebrating his life…

Josh Bott:

He responds, you just have to listen closely. I hear him every night before I go to bed telling me not to do anything he won’t do. Many nights I have sat alone in the dark thinking about him and what he would be saying to us all. I miss him and will always miss him. I am just glad to have known him. Think of the people who will never meet him. Those are the people who I feel bad for. Look how much he's helped us, influenced us, and how he's a part of us. I know I'd be flying off the deep end if I never met him. Bob bless Conrad.

Conrad and I had this one whacked out lady for our freshman year. She was an evil lady who spoke English too fast and Spanish too poor. One day the students poison the water she drinks and the next day she doesn’t come into school. (She’s not really poisoned just sick) so a substitute teacher comes in. I sat a few seats behind him and started taunting him because he has "man boobies” and someone yells: TAKE OFF THE SHIRT MANBOOB MAN: so he does. He stands upon his desk and starts taking his shirt off. Wielding it in the air to whistles and hollers. When the teacher turns around she yells "SIT DOWN IN YOUR SEAT RIGHT NOW!" Conrad exclaims "NO!!!! (Insert expletive here) Yo...” he realized only too late who it was and quietly sat down and put his shirt back on. I was fortunate enough to see his manly pecks gleaming off the desk onto his hairy body.

I always consult anything I do with the question, "What would Conrad tell me to do?" Then again he always said, "Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do." So most of the time I end up getting into trouble.

I was thinking about sophomore year after I was talking to Courtney a few days back. I remember sitting in class with her and Conrad. He and I were talking about a girl who he liked, and Courtney tells me, "My friend likes you." My response was, "Funny, my friend likes your friend." And we all kind of sat around and laughed for about 20 minutes, talking about days that I would date her, and the days Conrad would date her... I remember I would have the 1st two weeks and then he would finish out the month with her because I simply refused to kiss Conrad through someone else hehe. I always wanted to kiss him directly!!! NO MIDDLE WOMAN!

Carmen Corona:

I met Conrad Spring 2002 at COD. We were, what I call, "hi-bye" friends, until Fall 2002. Our talks were usually about school and music… Ozzy always came up in our conversations. Last Xmas I got a Best Buy gift card and when Conrad found out, he took it upon himself to make a list of CDs I should buy. I ended up buying two CDs from his list: Black Sabbath (can't remember it's title) and Ozzy "Ozzmosis". When I told him that I had liked both of the CDs, he told me that I should have bought the other CDs on the list! The last time I saw Conrad was on the first day of winter 2003. We talked for about an hour about his New Year's party, what I had missed out on, and tennis. I was a beginner (still am) tennis player… he played tennis with me and a friend a few times. That day, we agreed to meet around March to play tennis... sadly, we never met again. I'm truly sorry. My friends and I still mourn his death. I just transferred to CSUSB last month… I keep a picture of him in my room. I gave him a copy of that same picture the last time I saw him.

Though I never met his family, I feel as though I did. Conrad talked many times about his mom and dad. He truly loved you guys. Once, a friend and I invited him to the movies to watch Lord of the Rings, but he said that he wanted to watch that movie with his dad… "It's something we like to do together", he said. I feel very lucky to have met him and called him 'friend'.

I just wanted to tell you guys that I am a Black Sabbath fan thanks to Conrad. It's amazing... I am almost 2 hours away from Palm Desert, but there are some times when I feel like I'm in the Hilb Center and I can hear Conrad playing his guitar. I wish I we had met in March to play a tennis match... he would have won, as usual, but I would have had a great time losing!

Bryan Hamm:

There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think about him and hope it continues for the rest of my life, he really made an impact on me and because of that he helps me everyday. When I have to make a decision, I think what advice would Conrad have given me.

Conrad always had a good joke to tell. That’s probably one of the things I’m gonna miss most about him. I remember everyday at school Conrad would always be up for a good one or to tell one.

Conrad was the most generous person I’ve known and he was always there to lend a hand.

Courtney Hartley:

He was always there if I needed him. He was a partner to swing dance with, even though I wasn't very good. We were a lot alike in some ways; ways that I hadn't been alike with people before, and still really feel like no one is. He helped me realize who I am, and how I am. He was love. The one person who constantly had my trust and no matter what it was, if I didn't want to tell anyone, I’d end up telling him eventually.

Andrew Hollihan:

Conrad and I would bullshit all day about philosophy and religion, who he would "do" and who he wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. He always had a great outlook on life. I miss his optimism. I know that’s hard to hear, but he was such an optimist in my opinion. I miss him so much.

Conrad and I always joked about what we will be reincarnated as. He always wanted to be a 34 DD bra.

I owe Conrad so much when it comes to jokes. If he had copyrights on them I would be in debt up to my ears.

Adrianna "80" Martinez:

I remember in 10th grade there was all this noise and shit in my head and I was having a really hard day but between classes I ran over and hugged Conrad. I sorta just fell and grabbed onto him, I remember all the noise and thoughts calming down. I remember hugging tighter and feeling safe. I remember always being able to do that. I remember a phone call on my birthday when he was in Vegas. I remember a post card with words about humping random people and not going to jail for it... and how pleasing those words seemed. I remember watching TV on Thursdays and getting a phone call from Conrad. I remember starting to multitask watching and talking to him and always ending up turning the damn TV off. I remember his life and girls and gritted teeth and excited tones and hope. I remember going to a play with him earlier this year and all these stories about Indio High School and Leighton and drama class scandals and talking through the whole thing. I remember telling lots of perverted jokes but I can't think of one specifically.

One night Conrad and I were just being hobos and hanging out randomly at the mall, we decided a movie would be cool and enlisted the help of his "new friend who could drive", Waldo. The movie royally sucked and Conrad and I spent the whole part we didn't walk out on making dirty jokes, talking for the people in the movie and trying to get spitballs on the ceiling. Conrad explained to me that whenever he and Leighton went to the movies they'd do this and had a couple ceilings at Rancho 16 and Mary Pickford (he mentioned a plan to get all of our friends in separate theaters and nail EVERY ceiling) and tried to show me how to do it. None of mine made it. But I realized every time I go to the movies (usually Rancho), especially with Daniel, at the end we run up the stairs and spit some "In Honor of Conrad." Today we forgot and RAN (literally) all the way back armed with straws and napkins and did it. I looked up, and smiled, "See Conrad, I fucking RAN for you. I run for almost no one. I hope you're pleased." Yeah so, spitballs at Rancho in honor of Conrad. My ritual, yo.

Conrad talked about the old arcade that used to be in the mall, back in day, a lot. The Yellow Brick Road. He used to tell me how it had all those cool early games like Centipede and Asteroids and how Danny and his band mates used to take him and dug it so much. I don't remember that place at all but I heard enough to know it was cool, a reminder of good times. I was sitting with Daniel at my mom's desk and looking through her paperclip/penny holder and I found a token... to the Yellow Brick Road! I pocketed it, but didn't really think about it. In hindsight, even if it's silly, I think it was him. And I cried. He’s still talking, and he's still talking about the arcade.

I was wracking my brain trying to think of a quick snack that wouldn't gross me out and I remembered scrambled egg sandwich! I was on the phone with Conrad one of those Thursdays and he was eating one. I said I thought that sounded kind of gross and he tried to sell me on it. "No, it's really good 80. Try one!" I still haven't, but every time I'm hungry and can't find anything to eat I think of that. So yeah, scrambled egg sandwich makes me think of Conrad.

I remember Conrad being GLUED to the Guitar World issue with the Top 100(?) Rock Bands, and walking over to little more than a quick, inattentive, "hi" greeting. He was peering at that spread. It makes me laugh to think of it. So, I just looked along and I saw Aerosmith. That was the first time (though many followed) where Conrad said that they were better when they were on heroin. Exactly what Leighton's always saying. I don't know why I remembered that, I'm just glad to have a re-remembered memory.

Sarah McCormick:

I do recall a certain someone's birthday party where he showed up looking like Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra cause he couldn’t figure out who was who, with a single red rose… made her get up in front of everyone and dance with him to her favorite song "are the stars out tonight... I can’t tell if it's cloudy or bright, cause I only have eyes for you..." Yeah... he had a way with the ladies... even me…

…this forum is an amazing idea. It reminds us everyday that we were lucky enough to know Conrad and get to have big bear hugs from him. When I came back from college my parents took me down to San Diego to a big swap meet and I found this mounted stuffed bear head, but it wasn't a really bear, just a teddy bear like thing. I named him Conrad... So every morning when I wake up I see a huge bear and think of his great bear hugs...

Jessica Nitwitski:

After he graduated, we didn't see a whole lot of each other in school anymore, so he started walking the dogs in the evening, and the route conveniently changed so that he had to pass my house. He stopped by at least once a week (he always knew when I'd been baking something) to eat cake, watch South Park, and hang out with me and my dad. He always brought me flowers that he picked along the way... he knew how much I loved flowers.

We had this ongoing joke where we were Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle (you know, because he was short and round, and I was a tall skinny Russian) and we'd throw on these Russian accents when we talked and I'd teach him the few Russian words my grandmother taught me. When he went to Vegas, he sent me a postcard as Boris and, hell, let me copy it for all of you: "Greetings, Natasha. Boris here! I'm undercover here in Las Vegas as a southern California tourist. My mission: see Blueman Group and Carrot Top. I have yet to be discovered. Tell evil boss I will be back November first."

Girls were always striving for his attention, indeed. Between that jacket of his that had whored itself to every girl who was ever cold on campus, to having to fight tooth and nail to keep my designated seat next to Conrad on the bus every day... girls would try to intrude on my "Conrad visiting hour" I'd stand by the seat and look down at her with folded arms and raised eyebrows, and whoever was in my spot would jump up and sit in the seat behind/in front of us. I didn't care who he flirted with, or dated, or hooked up with, but god forbid anyone (even an innocent stranger who just needed a place to sit) should try to take my seat next to him!

I was sitting with Jon on campus yesterday, and he looked down at a penny and said, "I always forget, is it heads up or tails up that's lucky." I automatically answered, "It's lucky no matter what. God put that penny there because you were meant to have it." He goes, "Cool. In that case..." and pockets it. Then I had to laugh, it's funny how much Conrad rubbed off on us, to the point where we quote him and it takes us a minute to realize we just did it.

The pennies... oh lordy the pennies. I usually just pay a lot more attention to finding them. I see em all the time, and I never walk by without picking it up... ever notice how it's always pennies that fall? Why is that? Why not dimes? Or better yet, quarters? Poor little pennies... so many people feel that it isn't even worth their time to pick them up when they've been dropped. Conrad has instilled in us a love and compassion for the little, forgotten pennies. We pick them up. We love finding them. We smile when we see them.

Lizz Osuna:

Josh Knoles had "suggested" that I wear glasses instead of contacts, and I remember making some comment to Con about them, so he licked his finger and rubbed it on my lenses. So gross then. So funny now.

I remember Con and I sitting together on the bus to grad night... then on the way home I fell asleep and drooled on his shoulder, he didn't wake me up though! When I did finally wake up, he didn't let me forget that I drooled on him... but then again, it wasn't the first time one of our saliva’s was on the other... I refer to earlier about the spit on the glasses...

Dee Palacio:

I remember when I was at the house decorating the Christmas tree with Conrad and he asked me if I wanted to have a glass of hot chocolate. I said okay thinking that he would make me a glass of water, put the packet of chocolate in it and microwave it. NO.... he had to pull out the pot and boil the water before adding the chocolate and then the marshmallows. He never did anything half-ass when it came to cooking. But that was a very good cup of hot chocolate even if he made a mess while making it and we had to clean up afterward.

He always had that uncanny way of making you feel safe around him. For me it was because he was like a big teddy bear who would also kick anyone's ass if they decided to mess with me. I loved that about him. He also had a great sense of when things were wrong. No matter how well I hid it, Conrad could always tell when there was something that was bothering me and he could normally figure out generally what it was. That's one of the things that I miss most about him, the fact that when I'm really upset now, normally because I'm missing him, I know that there isn't going to be a knock on the door and Conrad standing on the other side waiting for me with a big smile and a bear hug.

The last time I saw Conrad we went out to get ice cream over at Rite-Aid in between classes the week before we had finals. I had been really upset about something, I can't even remember what it was, and Conrad thought that talking over ice cream would make me feel better. So anyways, we order our ice cream and sit in one of those little lawn chair displays (you know, the ones where the store has the chairs and the table with the umbrella set up in the middle of the store) and I end up spilling my heart out to Conrad, which I always ended up doing when I talked to him. I remember that he said something that somehow made all my problems go away then he leaned back in the plastic chair and broke it, which was followed by us running out of the store laughing like crazy. And that was what Conrad always did for me, he would make all the world seem okay and then make an ass of himself (which I actually think he did on purpose most the time to get a laugh) and we would laugh and then run away embarrassed but laughing like crazy.

Orange soda and taquitos with guacamole. Those were the things that were always at his parties. I remember eating the taquitos without the guacamole because I hate that evil green stuff. Conrad would always tease me about that. But the orange soda always reminds me of him. It's all I could drink at his house besides root beer but the orange soda was the best.

Daniel Pereyra:

Conrad showed me what a friend was. When I first came here to La Quinta I was like a clam. I didn’t know anyone and didn’t want to either. He was the first person that I opened up to. He was always there for me no matter what. If I was in trouble he would do everything that he could to get me out. If I needed a laugh I could call him and he would make me laugh within like 2 minutes. He introduced me to 80 and helped me with problems that I had with her and showed me not to be as jealous. I love him, I miss him and I wish he were here everyday of my life. I hope he knew how much he meant to all of us.

The food that makes me think of Conrad is Del Taco. He showed me the way of the bean burrito with extra, extra green sauce. I remember when Leighton took us to Guitar Center so that I could get Exenaflame (my guitar’s name). And on the way back we stopped at Best Buy and changed the titles of the icons in the computers. Then we went to Del Taco and feasted like men on the burritos. I was chewing gum and wanted to be polite so I put it in a napkin. Conrad looked at me and tapped under the table. He told me the last bit of the burrito was the best because that’s where all the green sauce goes.

Rick Salazar:

I really want to say something nice about Conrad. I was really really lucky to know a cool guy like Conrad. He helped and guided me a lot in the all to short time he was in my life. He has made such a big impact in my life that he still continues to impact me today. I say this cause I want everyone to know how much of a positive and kick ass influence he has made in my life. But everyone pretty much knows how great of a guy he was. All I have to say is, thanks Conrad.

Robert Schofield:

Conrad was always there to talk to. I always felt, uh, "safe" I think would be the best way to describe it. He just had a way of making people comfortable. He'd always make me realize I was silly when I was being silly, and helped me learn not to take myself so seriously. And he always had a way of poking gentle fun at people (myself included) without hurting their feelings.

Alex Tasso:

I met Conrad when he was in 6th grade, and that was the shortest I had ever seen Conrad's hair... I was in 8th grade at the time, and didn't have a chance to see him again until he started high school at LQHS... But I still remember in 6th grade, Conrad had short hair, glasses, and if I remember correctly, played an instrument for the LQHS band... I even remember in 8th grade seeing him for the first time, and knowing that he would go places in life. There was only one thing that Conrad and I had in common: he and I were both huge fans of Ozzy. He never really got into convos about my favorite group (Judas Priest), but as soon as Ozzy was mentioned, good luck getting Conrad to stop talking about him.

I remember being at COD and going off this really wild tangent... like the whole rant I was raving on about shifted from poodles to dromedaries to John F. Kennedy to Iron Maiden to Germany to gigantisms to blue balls to the Holocaust and so on and so forth... and when I was finished, the only remark anyone made came from Conrad. He said, quite bluntly, "Wow... shut up, Tasso..." and then everything went back to the way it was. I think its fucking cool that only Conrad had the ability to tease someone in a way to not hurt their feelings... almost as if his spirit was gentle.

Nick Tollette:

I remember on March 5th 2003, I was looking for a phone to wish my ex-girlfriend and current friend, Rachel Asoau, happy birthday. The frikkin pay phones at COD are at like 4 dollars. I ran around looking for someone I knew. I ran into Conrad at the Hilb Center at the computer. When I asked if he had a cell, he handed it to me and said, "could you make it short, I'm running out of minutes." I kept it under a minute. It was cool of him. Thanks Conrad.

When Conrad was running for sophomore class president, I wore one of his stickers on my forehead for an entire block period. When I got out of class and ran into him, I forgot I had it on my forehead. he smiled and did that trademark "ALRIGHT" that Conrad did so well.

Our freshman year, its in the first two or three weeks of school, I’m sitting with Conrad, Sam, Janelle, and Levi at "the spot" (ya'll know what I’m talking about). Conrad’s laying down and notices Dionne was coming over to sit with us. Conrad leaned over to me and whispered "She's gonna be so pissed." The second Dionne comes over to us, Conrad says "Hey baby, wanna get horizontal?" Without hesitation (and needless to say) Dionne hit him about three or four times. We were all, of course, laughing our asses off.

I think it was sophomore year; I was sitting with "the group" at "the spot" during lunch. A couple of us were talking about plastic surgery, and the pros and cons that come with it. I think I said something along the lines of its ridiculous how women with tiny breasts go in for implants and come out with a pair bigger than Dionne's! Dee's jaw dropped, and of course Conrad couldn't help but say, "Is that even possible?" I don’t think she hit me or him for that one, surprisingly, Dee started laughing.

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