A Graduation Gift
Mrs. Ptak

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Jackie Ptak was Conrad's 11th grade English III CP teacher at La Quinta High School, and one of his favorites. They both shared an avid interest in music; particularly rock 'n roll... more specifically, Ozzy Osbourne. When Conrad graduated the following year, Mrs. Ptak gave him a copy of The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll. Conrad gave her a pin in the shape of a cross with Ozzy's name on it.

Mrs. Ptak inscribed the inside front cover of the book.
The inscription reads:


I thought this might be helpful in your career as a rock and roll writer - and, if that's not what you want to do, it should be! From the moment we connected through Ozzy, I've seen you grow into a fine young man. I'm proud of all you've accomplished. In the words of Ozzy:

"Goodbye to friends
Goodbye to all of this
I guess that we'll meet
We'll meet in the end."

Congratulations on your Graduation!
Mrs. Ptak

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