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The most amazing thing happened! Josh Bott came by last night to give us one of Conrad's cards that he's had for over 10 years, along with a photocopy of a page from Conrad's website. Both had been autographed by the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne!

Josh is one of Conrad's good friends from high school. Pinkie and I first met him during freshman orientation, and he's been part of the family ever since.

Josh now works for a high-end car dealership here in the desert. In his position, he's the man who deals with celebrities. Last week he had to meet with Ozzy at Ozzy's house in Los Angeles. During this visit, Josh told Ozzy about Conrad. He said Ozzy was genuinely interested. Josh showed him Conrad's website, Ozzy expressed his condolences and then graciously signed both items.

Josh, I can't begin to express what this means to Pinkie and me. I'm still processing this and how it fits into the grander scheme of things. It boggles my mind on so many levels. OZZY SIGNED ONE OF CONRAD'S CARDS AND A PAGE FROM CONRAD'S WEBSITE! The awesomeness and enormity of this... wow, just, wow...

As a parent you want your child to be remembered and known. And that's not to say that Conrad would be forgotten by those who knew and loved him. But, we realize he'll never be known and remembered by those who never did.

So, I print business cards for Conrad. They've got his name, dates, and his website address. We've given them to Conrad's friends and family over the years to spread around to, you know, tell the world about Conrad. I leave them everywhere myself. We do this so that those who have never met Conrad, just might.

Josh took it to another level; he went for the gold. He went for what I never even considered remotely possible. Thanks to him, Ozzy has met Conrad, his #1 fan.

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