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The last week of October 2002 Conrad, Pinkie and I went on vacation in Las Vegas. Conrad loved that town and it's a great place to be during Halloween. This was Conrad's second trip to Sin City.

Conrad helped plan the trip. He wanted to see as much of the town as he could in the week we had. We saw the Blue Man Group show at the Luxor where Conrad got to meet the Blue Men and - most importantly for Conrad - the band. He got their autographs and posed with them for pictures. A really great experience. Another night we caught Carrot Top's act at the MGM Grand, where we drank ourselves silly; even Conrad sipped from our drinks. Conrad liked that we got to keep our glasses and brought them all home with him; he even kept the swizzle sticks. One night for dinner we did the Excalibur's Tournament of Kings dinner and show. The whole affair was total audience participation and Conrad was right in the thick of it. We even revisited the Rio for their great floor shows.

We also went and checked out a lot of the hotels and casinos. At Mandalay Bay we took the Shark Reef tour. At New York New York we rode the rollercoaster. Of course, we had to return to the Stratosphere to ride the Big Shot at the top. We toured Caesar's Palace; damn that place is big. We did the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for lunch. We even had time to visit the Coca Cola museum and the M&M factory.

We spent almost a whole day at The Hilton. There they have The Star Trek Experience. We had been there before on a previous trip and we had to go back. Now Conrad would've been the first to tell you he wasn't a 'trekkie' by any means. All he'd ever say about the TV shows and movies was that "They grow on you." I used to think that he would tolerate watching Star Trek because Dad was a fan. But in retrospect, I think he really might have been a closet trekkie. He loved the Hilton's Star Trek Experience. He even snagged the silverware as a souvenir from Quark's Bar and Restaurant. Going back was a high priority on his list of things to do while he was in town. The second time there was even better than the first.

And everywhere we went we shopped.

We spent Halloween night on Fremont Street. In addition to the great show was the bonus of all the people in costume.

It was a wonderful trip and at the time it left us wanting to go back again. Sadly, without Conrad, Las Vegas will never be the same for us.

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