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Conrad's story can't be told without mentioning his room. He loved his private domain; his 'dungeon' as he called it. And personally, we thought it was a cool place, too.

Conrad had moved into his room the summer of 2002 after his brother - as Conrad put it- "FINALLY moved out." Conrad was very excited about his new room because it was bigger than his old room. He liked that the window faced north instead west, like his old room; which meant his new place would stay cooler in the summer. He was going to make it his "dream room".

The first thing we did was repaint it. Conrad chose a nice grey for the walls and white for the doors and trim. After the paint dried Conrad went right to work decorating it. In addition to everything else, almost all of the decorations from his 18th birthday party went up in that room. He knew exactly where everything was to go... he had been planning his room for months.

His room turned out really well. The following pictures were taken about a month and a half after he died. It's pretty much the same way today, though Conrad would probably be a bit miffed at our lack of dusting in his room. We keep the floor vacuumed, but it's still too painful for us to go through his things... hell, we still haven't done his laundry.

After Conrad's cremation we placed his ashes on his desk. His stereo is tuned to the station he had it on and it hasn't been turned off since he died... he always needed his music. We go into his room a lot. You can feel his presence there. I find it's a good place to talk to him.


In September 2005 we moved. Conrad's stuff was packed in boxes. It wasn't easy but, moving was a good thing for us to do... I hope.

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