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Every year we used to throw a New Year's party. New Year's 2003 was Conrad's first party since starting college. He had a new group of friends in addition to the old group and he wanted to invite them all; which he did. Conrad dubbed the theme of this party 'Thank God... My Brother FINALLY Moved Out And I Got His Room'. Conrad had taken over the larger room that summer and immediately repainted it and dressed it up with the decorations from his 18th birthday party. He loved his new room, was very proud of it and wanted to show it off to all his friends.

The party went great. It was the best, and biggest, New Year's party we've ever had. Between Conrad's friends and our friends we counted at least 75 people in and out of our house that night; Pinkie says it was closer to 100 because the people came in shifts. Trying to get them all together at the same time for a picture was impossible... but we tried. We had our annual silly string fight in the street in front of the house at the stroke of midnight to usher in the new year. A lot of friends stayed the night and watched the sun come up with us.

We won't be throwing New Year's parties in the future, and we'll miss doing it. Like a lot of things in our lives, they could never be the same without Conrad.

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