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At this time I'm going through Conrad's website and changing some layouts and adding new content such as scholarship updates, links, photos, photo captions etc. I'm also putting together pages that deal with the accident and what happened, although those pages will still take me awhile and will probably be done last. Of course, we're still looking for any photos or memories that anyone else would like to add to Conrad's website. It's not really an upgrade... it's more like a refreshing of the site. The real upgrade will happen later this year when I overhaul all the old coding and scripts to try and bring Conrad's website into compliance with the W3C World Wide Web Consortium. So I'm not going to say that Conrad's website is under construction, because it's not... well not totally. All of the content on Conrad's website is still accessible... it's just incomplete at this time but, I'm working on it. So... Conrad's website will gradually morph into what it's to become day by day, and in truth it'll probably never really be finished... but we'll still keep the doors open and the lights on as these changes occur... just ignore the mess, please... our product is still pure.

Notice: If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser to view Conrad's website, the photo montage of Conrad on his main page may not display properly. This is because of Firefox's limited resources when it comes to its ability to handle multiple instances of anything repetitive in Javascript. Opera used to have this same problem but, no longer does, which just shows that a third party browser CAN work smoothly under Windows. Netscape only works if its 'rendering engine' is set to Internet Explorer and not Firefox. If you're visiting via WebTV/MSNtv the images won't display for you at all, although the rest of Conrad's site is easily viewed.

I’m sure Conrad is getting a kick out of knowing he is a dot com with a website and message board. I hope he is pleased with what we’ve done in his name.

I started working on Conrad’s website about three months after he died. I wanted to do something that would honor his memory and reflect the kind of person he was. This has been a long process and I know it will always be a work in progress. I have derived a great deal of solace from building this site and, whether I work on it or not, I visit here everyday.

I’d like to thank Conrad’s friends who have contributed their photos and memories to this site. As I’ve always said, Conrad chose his friends well. If you would like to contribute something to this site you can send it here. New photos and memories are like gold to Conrad’s mother and me.

Enjoy your stay here and thank you for visiting. We would be honored if you signed Conrad's Guestbook and let us know you were here. Please check back often for updates and changes to this site.

Leighton Anderson
Conrad's father

Rock on!

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